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10 Cheap Things To Do in Las Vegas You have been dying to go to Las Vegas and experience the glamour, glitz and excitement of the Las Vegas Strip, but maybe you don't want to gamble and wonder what to do. You can still see the sights, go shopping, eat in trendy restaurants, watch some shows, and see interesting exhibits, and can even do so on a budget. Here is a list of 10 cheap things to do and enjoy and won’t cost you a lot of money.

  1. Eat Inexpensive Food and try the Best Cheap Buffets in Las Vegas.
    • Look up all the buffets in Las Vegas in the Las Vegas Journal’s Buffet Directory. Going midweek and early morning are your best times.
    • Gold Coast has a nice buffet and a massive dessert bar. Upon visiting, we got a free Sam Adams beer with our meal. They also have cheap hot dogs for just over a dollar.
    • Try Mr. Lucky’s 24/7 restaurant and “ask” for an off menu meal “Steak and Shrimp Special.”
    • Circus Buffet at Circus Circus. For an older hotel sometimes overlooked, this buffet is quite nice, and affordable for lunch. Price in $10-$15 range.
    • Garden Court Buffet at Main Street Station.
    • If you grow tired of lines and aren't hungry enough for a buffet, you can also save money by eating at the Fashion Show Mall food court.
    • Try the tasty crepes in the New York, New York food area

  2. See Free Entertainment!
  3. Go Window Shopping.
    • Visit the Venetian Grand Canal Shoppes and watch the “Living Statues.”

  4. Play and Be a Kid Again.
    • At Circus Circus, ride thrill rides and play cool arcade games in their Adventuredome. Also see free circus shows in their midway. The show features juggling, aerial acrobatics, trapeze stunts, and clowns. Make sure you don't take anyone there with clown phobias :)

  5. Watch the Fountain Show and Aquarium at Caesar’s Palace.
    • An impressive shopping mall leads to a court area with statues that talk and a dragon that appears, interacting in a show that is impressive to see for being free.

  6. Visit the Conservatory at Bellagio.
    • Crafted by 100 horticulturists, it is a peaceful place to take a break in a sometimes hectic, tourist-filled city.

  7. Experience the Freemont Street Experience.
    • 70 million dollar light canopy with 540 thousand watt sound system. You can catch regular city buses that go to downtown fairly easily for only a couple bucks or so. Buses do take a long time though, because they make so many stops. If you're pressed for time, take a cab!

  8. Visit UNLV's Marjorie Barrick Museum.
    • This museum shows western culture, desert life and history of ancient Mexico and only asks for “contributions” as payment. 

  9. Take photos with the Historic Welcome to Las Vegas sign.
    • This vintage 1959 sign is highly recognizable in many movies and pictures and is now easily accessible for taking pictures in your car, or however you want.  There is a 12 car parking lot and it is located just south of Mandalay Bay Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip and is free. What fun!

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