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10 Things To Do Near Las Vegas (Off the Strip) Gambling is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Las Vegas, as the city has lots of casinos which attract millions of tourists every year. Besides gaming, the city has other things to offer tourists that are off the beaten path. The 10 best things, and somewhat unusual things, are listed below...

  1. Neon Museum: Just east of Freemont Street in Downtown Las Vegas, you can stroll up to the museum which houses neon relics of Las Vegas’ past. It is free to see and best seen at night to see the glow of the signs.

  2. Watch NASCAR and other racing events: You can enjoy watching NASCAR  and other racing events as lots of cool racing events are carried out throughout the year at Las Vegas motor speedway.

  3. Drive fast cars: If you have a fantasy for driving fast cars such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Porsche, Mercedes, etc. then you can drive these beauties for as low as $99 at Exotics racing.

  4. Go site seeing: If you go to Las Vegas you can also visit some beautiful locations within a few hours drive, such as Hoover dam, lake Mead, and several surrounding national parks, such as Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Bryce Canyon, Zion, and others within a day’s drive or so. Most of the national parks are too far to be worth going there and back to Las Vegas in the same day, but you can certainly enjoy it if you wish to camp or spend more days in the surrounding area.

  5. Visit Atomic Testing Museum:  Nevada is commonly used for testing bombs and other explosive devices. This museum shows many of the interesting experiments that have taken place in the deserts of Nevada. The museum is located on 755 E. Flamingo Rd. and costs $14. An Area 51 exhibit is there too and costs extra.

  6. Enjoy cool sites from great heights: Hire a helicopter, such as through Maverick Helicopter Tours, to experience a breathtaking view of the Las Vegas Strip and even Grand Canyon.

  7. Try Flyaway Indoor Skydiving: If you are afraid of heights, even then you can experience the thrill and excitement of skydiving at Flyaway Indoor Skydiving.

  8. For art lovers: If you're fond of art, you can visit some great museums such as Bellagio gallery of fine art, Las Vegas art museum, Donna beam gallery, among others.

  9. Play at Sky Zone Sports: Sky Zone Sports is world’s first all Trampoline-Walled playing field where people can play three dimensional sports game. They can move on the ground, jump high in the air, and run on the sidewalls all at the same time.

  10. Go hiking: The Valley of Fire State Park is a scenic area with a rugged landscape, with large red boulders and slot canyons. If you go, make sure you bring plenty of water and use common safety preparations to avoid getting lost and having heat exhaustion. How far is Valley of Fire from Las Vegas? It’s 57 miles from the Las Vegas Strip (where it intersects with Tropicana Blvd) to the Valley of Fire State Park and will take about 1 hour and 12 minutes to drive there, according to Google Maps. It’s technically in Overton, Nevada, and is nearby Lake Mead, so after your visit to the park, you can drive over and cool off by the lake. Alternatively, you can visit Red Rock Canyon, which is west of Las Vegas for other hiking options.

Bonus: Las Vegas Waterparks

  • Cowabunga Bay Waterpark: Located in Henderson and opened in 2014, this park appears to have some of the crazier slides in the area. Website.

  • Wet n' Wild Waterpark: Located in Southwest Las Vegas area. Website.
  • Other: The Golden Nugget in downtown has a single waterslide in its pool area that goes through a shark tank. It's only 1 short slide that is cool, but not a waterpark by any means. Mandalay Bay has a beach area with a wave pool. Of course, there are pools everywhere in Vegas- most all hotels have them, but that's all for waterslides.

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