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Terribles Hotel Casino Las Vegas, Image Courtesy Of Grahamc99 (Flickr)
2 Star Las Vegas Hotel
Terrible's Hotel and Casino
4100 Paradise Rd
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
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Prices from: $29/night
Terrible's may have an additional 'resort fee' per day. Please contact hotel directly to confirm.

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Facts about Terrible's Hotel and Casino

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  • 36,400 square feet of gaming (gambling) space
  • 777 total hotel rooms
  • 2 star rating
  • 300 square feet - approximate size of standard rooms
  • Unique features: Cheap buffets
  • Affinity Gaming owns Terrible's
  • Location: off strip
  • NOT located on 'The Strip' (Las Vegas Blvd)

Terrible's Hotel History

Terribles Hotel and Casino is a locals casino 1 mile east of the Las Vegas Strip, in Paradise, Nevada. It has 370 rooms and a 35,000 sq ft casino.

Terrible's is regularly the host hotel for the Terrible 250, Terrible 300, and Terrible's Cup Baja races sponsored by Terrible Herbst.

The Continental Hotel and Casino opened in 1975.

In 1996, Crowne Ventures agreed to buy the hotel for $35 million. They planned to convert the property into a nostalgia-themed resort to complement their Back to the 50's"" catalog business. But that deal fell through when Crowne fell into bankruptcy. The Continental itself declared bankruptcy in 1998, and was foreclosed on and closed by American Realty Trust in March 1999.

The Herbst family of Terrible Herbst saw an opportunity to open their first gaming property in Las Vegas, as the Continental was too small for locals casino operators Station Casinos and Coast Casinos, but too big for other, smaller slot route operators to acquire. The hotel was sold to E-T-T Gaming, the Herbsts' gaming division , in November 1999. The Herbsts demolished the building interior, but kept its outer shell. The cost of acquisition and renovation was $65 million. It reopened in December 2000 as Terrible's Hotel and Casino.

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Coordinates for Terrible's Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada: Latitude: 36.113385, Longitude: -115.151911

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